The only conference in Poland for professionals working with Big Data, devoted to technical aspects of implementing, expanding and using Big Data solutions.

When starting to organize the first edition of Big Data Technology Summit held in February 2015, we had been aware that there were numerous conferences on that subject. However, they were mainly aimed at building awareness of decision makers, and inspiring and sharing vision about how far business is changing thanks to new solutions for analyzing enormous, dynamically evolving data sets.

We decided to take a different direction and it has proved to be the right one. We have organized a meeting for persons who are responsible for practical aspects of implementing Big Data solutions. The conference has become a source of knowledge about Big Data solutions and their practical use. We have gathered a select group of speakers consisting of practitioners – including real pioneers of Big Data projects in Poland.

The interest in the conference has exceeded all expectations. That is why we continue to follow that direction. Progress in this field is immense, and our conference is mainly aimed at presenting the most current and vital aspects of Big Data technologies.
It will be a real meeting of professionals. We look forward to seeing you there!



  • Interesting agenda which addresses current challenges and needs of practitioners implementing Big Data solutions
  • No vision and easy stories “for business” – only facts and practical information on solution implementation
  • Carefully chosen topics, lots of inspiration and interesting examples, case studies from Poland and abroad
  • Excellent foreign speakers representing companies which have key importance for the development of Big Data deployments and technology
  • Possibility of building a community of Big Data professionals in Poland



The conference is divided into three theme paths covering key aspects of using Big Data technologies. They include topics related to building and maintaining both scalable data infrastructures and popular tools and frameworks used when working with Big Data. We also show case studies presenting the solution of real business problems – both in Poland and abroad.



  • Big Data solutions developers and architects
  • Hadoop infrastructure and implementation experts
  • Data scientists and Big Data analysts

The first edition of the conference was attended by over 200 persons.

They included representatives of various industries, particularly IT, banking, finance, telecommunications, energy and media.

Big Data Technology Summit – first edition in 2015

Number of attendees
Number of speakers
Number of theme paths


Krzysztof Adamski

Team Lead w zespole Hadoop w ING Services Polska, Konsultant w GetInData

Maciej Arciuch

Starszy inżynier oprogramowania, Grupa Allegro

Anders Arpteg

Analytics Machine Learning Manager, Spotify

Adam Bartos

Technology Strategy Advisor, Technology and Big Data Competency Center, SAS Institute

Piotr Bednarek

Administrator Hadoop, GetInData

Wojciech Biela

Software Engineering Manager, Teradata Labs

Luc Bourlier

Senior software engineer, Typesafe

Patryk Choroś

Principal Business Solutions Manager, SAS Institute

Justin Coffey

Analytics Devlead, Criteo

Marcin Cylke

Software developer, Grupa Allegro

Maciej Czyżowicz

Architekt Korporacyjny, Orange Polska

Przemysław Gamdzyk

CEO & Meeting Designer, Evention

Piotr Gawrysiak

Chief Data Scientist, mBank S.A.

Arkadiusz Jachink

Senior Data Scientist, Agora

Jakub Kałużny

Starszy konsultant bezpieczeństwa IT, SecuRing

Adam Kawa

Data Engineer and Founder, GetInData

Piotr Kołaczkowski

Lead Software Engineer, DataStax

Grzegorz Kołpuć

Senior Software Engineer, Thomson Reuters

Piotr Krewski

Data Consultant and Co-founder, GetInData

Paweł Kucharski

CTO, Sotrender

Jarosław Kuśmierek

Engineering Manager: Cloud Platform & Warsaw Eng Site Lead, Google

Andrzej Litewka

Chief Software Architect, Grupa Interia

Jimmy Mårdell

Tech Product Owner, Spotify

Maximilian Michels

Developer, Data Artisan

Olga Mierzwa


Michał Olczak

Członek Zarządu, CTO,

Dr. Daniel Olmedilla

Engineer Manager, Facebook

Daniel Olmedilla, Facebook

Wykorzystanie rozwiązań i narzędzi Machine Learning dla zapewnienia integralności i spójności wyświetlania reklam na Facebooku,

Dariusz Śliwa

Big Data Solution Sales, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Tal Sliwowicz

R&D Director, Taboola

Tomasz Sobczak

Senior Consultant & Talent Manager, Findwise

Bartłomiej Twardowski

PhD student, Data Scientist, Grupa Allegro

David Whiting

‎Software Engineer (Java + Big Data), SoundCloud

Marek Wiewiórka

Big Data Architect, GetInData

Michał Własenko

Data Scientist, Engineering Design Center

Krzysztof Zarzycki

Big Data Architect, GetInData

Paweł Zawistowski

Data Scientist, Grupa Allegro

Kamil Żbikowski

Senior IT Manager, mBank S.A.